Tinnitus Relief – stop the ringing Roman Radishes, and Welsh Bread

No, I have not lost my mind and gone crazy. But as I research Tinnitus, especially, treatments I receive hooked on studying a few of the procedures used in yesteryear to find tinnitus relief.

I’ve found it really interesting that in many cases, with a few obvious exceptions, our current thoughts about natural treatments as a way of achieving lasting relief can be favorably compared to the earlier days when chemical drugs were not even dreamed of.

Stop the ringing – The Persians used whispering and chants towards the god of water within their pursuit of tinnitus relief. There is no proof that this worked, but seriously, if the victims thought it did and stopped focusing on the tinnitus sounds they were actually practicing what we today refer to as a sound distraction.

Stop the ringing – Well they’d a more elaborate look at the disease and attempted to establish the cause before you apply the therapy.

When the cause would be a cold then relief came by washing the ear and holding your breath until your ear excreted the offending mucus. If the cause was perhaps an injury then your treatment included a portion of radish and cucumber juice and honey with vinegar being poured into the ear.

So you see that tinnitus relief with the use of natural herbs and medicines was regarded as effective as – also it still is, though perhaps our treatment methods are quite different.

To summarize this short history journey, in the middle Ages in Great Britain, the Welsh used to break freshly made bread and gouge out pieces and insert them into the ear. Yes, of course, you recognize ‘handling’.

Stop the ringing whilst some of these old tinnitus relief treatments may seem a little bizarre there is strong evidence that despite hundreds of years of expertise and experiments we still depend on natural remedies like the main issue with our tinnitus relief therapy.